Fishing Stories by Capt. John

My Story

I learned very early on to never let 'the truth' get in the way of a good story.  Although I consider myself to be a 'truthful' person, I am suspicious of 'Truth' as a concept.  I have been truthful in sharing my view of the events and adventures in this book, however, I cannot claim to have shared any truths.  I can only admit to having a front row seat for all of them.

This is not really a book, it is a collection of memories shared in stories that I enjoy telling.  Although there is a chronology inherent in the collection, the only theme is that we do some funny stuff when we are engaged with nature and fully in the moment.

There is no shortage of things that happen when you fish with friends and customers that range from expert to novice, from 5 years to 85 years of age, and from all walks of life.  I myself left a career in business with stints in the boardroom to a life at the bridge, running charter boats in pursuit of fishing memories.

I hope you enjoy my stories.  I can tell you that even when the fish are not biting and the customers are not fun, when the ocean is grumpy or the wind incessant, through it all I can clearly state that leaving the Boardroom for the Bridge was the right decision.

'Livin the Dream' beats 'toeing the line' any day.  Enjoy!

'Fish Tales and Long Sails' by Capt. John

'Fish Tales and Long Sails' by Capt. John